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February 5, 2009
Happy Moo Moo Year

Note : From now onwards, no more dog talking blog. The owner will post instead of the two monkeys.

Germaine is finally in KL. I wonder if she misses Meeko =(

I do.

Pics will be posted up soon. REAL soon.

Germaine and her Doraemon hoodie shirt =)

Sent her for grooming @ Do Groom - Kuchai Lama today. Sent her there @ 5pm. Groomer informed that it will be done only around 9pm plus as there's a few more dogs in que.

So @ 9pm we went to pick her up tho the groomer havent call us yet.

When we reached, they just started to shower her *sweat*

We were told to pick her up @ 10.30pm instead.

Well, she looks happy there. There's a male poodle (apricot) which kept chasing her around trying to hump her. Funny scene.

When I carried her, the poodle kept jumping, trying to bite my baby's feet.

Maine girl, of course growled at her.

One thing, I'm surprised, is that she is not afraid of larger dogs nor firecrackers. *faints*

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November 2, 2008
Meeko's Exhibits

Meeko's pictars tekan by Mummy.

Why are they more than mine? >.< Unfair.

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Happy Birthday =)

Hello to all doggies and human..

I'll be 3 this 23rd Nov. Mummy bought a few packet of what i called "yogurt".

Wee~~ was so happy. Daddy made me sit and snap pics with the yogurts. But I just couldn't sit still at all :P

Here are some pics =)

Mummy secretly took it when I was snoozing beside her. *grunts*

Lying in between mummy's leg. My fav spot. Oh so comfy~ :P

Taa Daa~~ But I prefer salmon and cheesy treats tho. Mum does not agree. Bad for health she said. Tsk!

The best shot lolx

Mummy don't really like the flash on the cam tho. Makes me eye looked weird.

She couldn't promise to come back on time for my birthday..

which explains the reason for these early birthday present :P

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October 12, 2008
New shampoo for us =) yay!

Few days before Mommy comes home, Meeko and I were sent to Pretty Pets for grooming. Hmm I had basic one but Meeko had full. She had a new style. Her ears' fur was left long and she looked like she's having bushy hair. =.=

Sitting on lap lap


What's Daddy doing with her ears?? LOLZ

Mummy and I

Tee heee...Look at Meeko's weird face :P

Meeko's infected with what they called Schnauzer bumps. She was scratching all the time and according to Mummy, she's had a lump on the side of her face.

I wonder what iz zat?

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September 18, 2008
Mommy is home!

Mommy came back last Saturday. Boy, Meeko and I were so happy to see her. Plus UncleJai (Mommy's brother) also came back. I couldn't help but to jump and pawed at Mommy, Meeko doing the same I'd always lose cause she's bigger size and stronger than me *frets*

But Mommy doesn't like us pawing her as well. She'd always shout at us saying OFF!

But I'm glad she came home, after 3 weeks of not seeing her it means no going out for us.

She managed to bring us out for walks in the evening. *grins* As usual I'd pull her around. But UncleJai and I ran together. I managed to out win him haha but I got so tired after that I couldn't run anymore =(

Mommy even brought us to Aunty's house for Mooncake Festival celebration, Mommy fed us with unsweetened mooncake jelly. I don't fancy that much after 2 pieces I stopped gave Meeko my share. I don't like the feeling of being leashed while watching the hoomans lighting candles and playing with paper lanterns *shrugs*

After that day, we went home and we KO-ed on the couch.

Mommy was actually waiting for Uncle Jill to come and find her yum-cha.

I love sleeping beside Mommy...hehehe

This is where I sleep when she's facing her PC :P

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September 11, 2008
Yay! New blog for US!

Yay. Mommy created a blog specially for Meeko and I. As I am the big sister, I've been given the responsibility to take good care of this bloggie. Mommy will be responsible in snapping photo while Meeko will be busy acting cute for the photo shots *grins* Watch out for more updates soon!

Please take note of the banners I have put up. Spend some time to have a look at it will ya? Thanks! *wOof*

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