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November 2, 2008
Meeko's Exhibits

Meeko's pictars tekan by Mummy.

Why are they more than mine? >.< Unfair.

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Happy Birthday =)

Hello to all doggies and human..

I'll be 3 this 23rd Nov. Mummy bought a few packet of what i called "yogurt".

Wee~~ was so happy. Daddy made me sit and snap pics with the yogurts. But I just couldn't sit still at all :P

Here are some pics =)

Mummy secretly took it when I was snoozing beside her. *grunts*

Lying in between mummy's leg. My fav spot. Oh so comfy~ :P

Taa Daa~~ But I prefer salmon and cheesy treats tho. Mum does not agree. Bad for health she said. Tsk!

The best shot lolx

Mummy don't really like the flash on the cam tho. Makes me eye looked weird.

She couldn't promise to come back on time for my birthday..

which explains the reason for these early birthday present :P

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