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February 5, 2009
Happy Moo Moo Year

Note : From now onwards, no more dog talking blog. The owner will post instead of the two monkeys.

Germaine is finally in KL. I wonder if she misses Meeko =(

I do.

Pics will be posted up soon. REAL soon.

Germaine and her Doraemon hoodie shirt =)

Sent her for grooming @ Do Groom - Kuchai Lama today. Sent her there @ 5pm. Groomer informed that it will be done only around 9pm plus as there's a few more dogs in que.

So @ 9pm we went to pick her up tho the groomer havent call us yet.

When we reached, they just started to shower her *sweat*

We were told to pick her up @ 10.30pm instead.

Well, she looks happy there. There's a male poodle (apricot) which kept chasing her around trying to hump her. Funny scene.

When I carried her, the poodle kept jumping, trying to bite my baby's feet.

Maine girl, of course growled at her.

One thing, I'm surprised, is that she is not afraid of larger dogs nor firecrackers. *faints*

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